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Virtual Conference

The Art of Connection

Friday, May 31 – Saturday, June 1, 2024

If there’s anything we’ve learned from our virtual conferences, it’s that indexers love to get together and chat. That’s why we’ve chosen “The Art of Connection” as our conference theme.

Over the two days, we will have plenty of opportunity to visit with old friends, make new friends, and learn new tricks and strategies to boost our practice and our business.

Preceding the conference, on Thursday, May 30, we will have two events. The “Networking for New Indexers” session is for new and aspiring indexers to connect with experienced indexers. Starting concurrently with this event, there will be demonstrations of indexing software.

Each day ends with an after-party. And to dial up the fun, we invite you to join in on a new creative challenge, the Virtual Stitching Circle.

If you can’t attend all the sessions offered on Friday and Saturday, don’t worry. Recordings of the presentations will be available for twelve months after the end of the conference.

Conference Program

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Friday, May 31

Pierke Bosschieter, Software Miscellany or Connecting Better with your PC or Mac

10:30 a.m. EDT

Most of us use indexing software, MS Word, and maybe a task manager or bookkeeping program. But does it have to end there? Pierke will take us through the possibilities that can make the non-indexing part of your business more productive.

Enid Zafran and Stephen Ullstrom, A Worthwhile Pursuit? Embedded Indexing Today and in the Future

11:30 a.m. EDT

Embedded indexing is here to stay, but are indexers embracing it? Enid Zafran and Stephen Ullstrom surveyed a range of active indexers to assess the current state of the practice. In this presentation, they will present their findings and their views of where embedded indexing is going.

Iva Cheung, Connections Between Qualitative Research and Indexing

2:00 p.m. EDT

Iva has observed that a qualitative research method called “thematic analysis” has striking similarities to indexing. Iva will give an overview of the overlap of qualitative research and indexing and demonstrate the software techniques that researchers use to track themes. This presentation is sure to give you some fresh insights into your indexing approach.

Carol Fellowes, Movement

12:30 p.m. EDT, second session on Saturday at 12:30 p.m.

Carol will give a demonstration of YogEvolve, a movement practice that helps its practitioners find mobility, strength, and balance in their ever-changing, unique bodies. There will be special emphasis on joint mobility, something we all crave.

JoAnne Burek and Alexandra Peace, Connecting from Afar: How to Travel Joyfully While Running a Thriving Indexing Business

4:00 p.m. EDT

Do you dream of travelling to new places, but you worry about taking time away from work? Alex and JoAnne each have years of experience combining work and travel, and will share their best tips and strategies. After this session, you’ll be equipped to research, plan, and execute a rewarding and fulfilling trip while still earning your freelance income.

Saturday, June 1

Larry D. Sweazy, I Want to Be an Indexer When I Grow Up

10:30 a.m. EDT

Our keynote speaker, Larry D. Sweazy, is the multiple award-winning author of 20 books of mysteries, short stories, and Westerns. Larry reflects on his long indexing career – 1,050 books and counting. “If I can do it, so you can you,” he says. For a taste of Larry’s story-telling, checkout his Marjorie Trumaine series. It’s about an indexer and farm wife in 1960’s North Dakota who gets caught up in and solves murders.

Enid Zafran, Authors Amok! Indexing Multi-Authored Texts

11:30 a.m. EDT

This session looks at the challenge of indexing texts where each chapter has a different author. Enid will provide examples of issues and solutions that will save you time and headaches when you tackle one of these books. Special attention given to the technical issues (vocabulary control, name problems, etc.) as well as strategies for working efficiently.

Iva Cheung, Advocating for Indexing: A Guided Discussion

3:00 p.m. EDT

What can we do to advocate for indexers and for indexing as a profession? What strategies can we use as a group to improve our tools and working conditions? This presentation looks how indexers have contributed their experience and perspectives to advocating for indexing and ends with a guided discussion about what we can do to build on that work.    

Networking for New Indexers

This 90 minute session on Thursday, May 30, is a conference extra ($10). New indexers can visit chat rooms of their choice to ask their burning questions about transitioning from student to practising indexer. Move from room to room to meet experienced indexers and get a variety of perspectives.

Software Demonstrations

Concurrently with Thursday’s Networking for New Indexers, registrants are invited to attend the indexing software demonstrations. You may discover some new tips and tricks.

Pricing and Registration

Payment of conference fees gives you access to recordings for one year. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

(includes partner
Networking for New Indexers (optional)
Early Bird$100$140$40$150$10
After April 30$130$140$40$150$10

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